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A truly massive continent comprising over 20% of the planet’s available land, Africa is home to the world’s largest desert, its longest river, its hottest temperatures, and hundreds of dialects and cultures spread among a billion people. Witness it with Lives Adventures Travel Workshop!

Chad - a country for an adventurer.

Chad is full of destinations that will prompt you to step out of your comfort zone. The country is certainly one that will leave you with memories, that you will never forget.

Algeria is a splendid place in the continent of Africa.

Lush landscapes, grand architecture and unique culture, Algeria has it all.

Enchanting Algeria!


The Atakor Plateau is situated in the Ahaggar National Park. It is covered with sheer peaks and mountains. The entire area is covered with sands and brown and dry landscape.


With every kind of beautiful architecture present in the amazing city of Oran, it is one of the most lively cities in Algeria which is visited by thousands of people every year. The culture of Oran is grand and it is saturated with the Rai music which has originated in the city.


Annaba is famous for the presence of many ruins of villages and temples that are preserved from medieval times.

Visit Chad!


The capital and largest city in Chad, N’djamena is a blend of modern and historic cultures. The population of N’Djamena is growing at an alarming rate due to many citizens of the country seeking the opportunities that come with life in the city. Despite the modern appearance of some buildings, there are many mud-brick structures.


Sarh was once the site of the French Colonial Fort Archambault. It is located on the Chari River, roughly 350 miles away from the capital city of N’Djamena. The climate here is warm with a wet season which makes it perfect for cotton production - the city’s main export.


Faya-Largeau is the largest city in the north of Chad and is one at the very edge of the Sahara desert. The reason to visit it is the nearby rugged terrain of the desert. Be prepared to be blown away by the harsh beauty.

What Do You Need to Know About Flying?

Pre-Flight Procedures

Passengers board the plane, find their seats and store any carry on baggage in the storage bins above the seats. The crew gives safety instructions (or they are presented in a video on screens behind each seat) and the Captain gives a brief message to passengers along the lines of the weather in your destination city, any expected weather or turbulence issues and how long the flight will take.

The Takeoff

The Captain then “drives” the aircraft on the ground to get in position for takeoff. Before takeoff, passengers must fasten their seat belts and remain seated until instructed otherwise. When the pilot gets the clearance to take off, the plane will begin accelerating along the runway before becoming airborne.

During the Flight

When the plane reaches a certain altitude, passengers are free to move about in the cabin and use the restrooms.

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We’re a small group of adventure-travel experts. Our trips are tailor made and departures can be arranged all year round. This itinerary is simply a suggestion which can be modified entirely to your personal wishes including departure date, duration accommodation used and how long you spend in each destination. With our vast local knowledge about traditions, culture and life in Africa, we organize tailored tours in a personal, friendly yet professional approach to suit your vacation interests and create life long memories.

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